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Dry area cubicles type:
30 AL          30 AL/2         40 Glatt exclusiv

40 Glatt exclusiv for dry area

Cubicle Partition BESTA-Type "Exclusive" 40 for dry area


Partition Panels/Doors: 40 mm thick triple layer composite board with 0.9 mm thick HPL laminate sheets on both sides, glued in accordance with ISO V20. Flush fitting front, without frame, with full height hardwood rebated edge.
Lock: Special rebated lock, latch and bolt
Handle: Heavy-duty safetly lever handle with red/white indicator disk in brushed stainless steel finish.
Hinges: Nylon sheathed stell hinges

Wooden rebated door edge 

Feet support: Rounded stainless steel bar with stainless steel rosette
Cubicle height: 2000 mm including 150 mm under-panel clearance.
Door width: Between 600 mm - 1000 mm as required.




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