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Which connects us, are partitions. Inseparably our enterprise is connected with the development and advancement of the building of partitions in Germany. Since several decades we influenced and contributed this area considerably. Not only by the quality of our products, but also by the quality of our enterprise. The type, as we at us placed the challenges grow, which experiences, which we gained in long, turbulent time of our restaurant economics -- all this and in addition still our critical view of the things us made, what we are today: one of the prominent enterprises within the area building of partitions in Germany. An enterprise, which furnishes high investments in the new Lands of the Federal Republic also with full commitment. Certainly the qualities of the disks, frameworks, profiles and fittings determine the value of a partition. But this is practically only the one, the material part of a product performance. For BESTA a matter of course, for our partners likewise.

Which differentiates between our products, above all the other part of the performance is -- the qualities around the product:

• the professionalism of planning

• the Asthetik of the Design

• the attention of the processing

• the security of the functions

• the reliability of the structure.

If you want so, spirit and matter of course of the enterprise BESTA become visible within these areas. Here also the reasons for our continuous success are situated. We remove the complex ' Partitionsmade from you " in the sanitary and space partition area completely. From planning to the non-standard execution, from logistics to the finished assembly. In the parent plant Puchheim near Munich we constantly increase our planning and performance capacity.





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